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Air Duct

Diameter 1 – 12 inch
Max WP 30 Psi (2 bar) – 60 Psi (4 bar)
Temperature Range -5˚C ~ +60˚C
Reinforced PVC ducting reinforced with an external rigid PVC helix all around

Suitable for the conveying of light weight powders and granules together with air. Excellent for conveying and exhaust of air or gas


Ventilation Duct

Diameter 4 – 47 inch
Max WP
Temperature Range -20˚C ~ +80˚C
Reinforced Unique triple interlocking seam

Suitable for use in commercial and residential air chandling applications


Exhaust Duct

Diameter 1 – 24 inch
Max WP 0.15 Psi (0.01 bar) – 27 Psi (1.8 bar)
Temperature Range -55˚C ~ +120˚CB
Reinforced Neoprene-coated-polyester fabric.

Suitable used for suction and conveyance of air, fumes and gases even with higher temperatures under mechanical stress